Top 5 Tiny Trends of Spring/Summer 2016!

Hello petites!

As you know, there is no snow on the ground.

So that must mean it’s ’bout to be Summer!!!

Worried about what styles are hot and not for our tater tot bodies?

Don’t worry, I have the perfect trends for all your petite Spring and Summer needs.  Just to get the most out of this post, I paired each silhouette with patterns that are in for these seasons. Luckily, some of the trendy patterns also help elongate our bodies!  And you thought there was no hope.

Trend 1: The Straight Leg Trousers

Accompanied by a lovely vertical pattern.


Woah! How’s the weather up there, champ?

Straight leg pants are a crazy trend right now because we’re finally realizing how uncomfortable skinny jeans are!  But besides that, straight leg trousers give a lot of length to your legs because, well, they go straight down.  Stay in school, kids.

Plus: vertical patterns were worn by petite cavewomen to make them look taller.  I just mean they’ve been a longer elongater for a very long time.

Trend 2: The Maxi-dress

Accompanied by…well a nothing pattern.  We’ll call it solid.


I dare you to try and pin the tail on the waist line.  I bet you can’t.  That’s because maxi-dresses are one big piece of fabric that’s made to keep your body type a mystery.  You don’t know where the neck starts and the knees end, it’s a great party trick.

Plus: using a solid color, even white, really elongates the body because you’re not being cut off by anything distracting.  You’re just one big blob, just the way we like it.

Trend 3: The Bodycon Dress

Accompanied by the lovely, vivacious velvet pattern.


Anything that’s mini is great.  I needed to be serious about that one.

But bodycon dresses are perfect for small frames because they pretty much accentuate the only curves we do have.  By accentuating these curves, it makes them more prominent than they would be by themselves.  Plus it’s sexy!

Super plus: velvet is really cool. That’s all you need to know.

Trend 4: The Crop-Top and High Waisted Skirt

This style is brought to you by the cowboy fabric–suede.


“But, I thought you said not to cut yourself off, that’s why we use solid co-”

Let me cut you off for a second.

Technically, the high waisted skirt does cut your torso off, but the pattern of the crop-top match the pattern of the skirt, so it’s an exception.  The cut out in between the two fabrics gives a cute little peek-a-boo effect while bringing attention to the waist (in a good way) and making your legs look longer.

Plus: suede is so hip and Western it’s a crime.  Draw!

Trend 5: Narrow-Fitting Outfits

Accompanied by a color! We can call it monochrome.


Look at how the narrow-fitted shirt makes her body look super lean and elegant.  Through the pants flare out on the legs, they start out narrow, and fit her hips quite perfectly.  You can’t say those red elephant trunk pants don’t make her look long though.  You just can’t.  She’s taller than Shaq probably.

Plus: I LOVE monochrome looks.  That’s not why they’re a plus (I’m not that cocky) BUT having one color throughout your outfit elongates the body just as the solid color maxi-dress did.  Sure, it might be easier to pin the tail on your belly button when it’s a different style of clothing, but just remember what I said about looking like a blob.  It’s really not a bad thing!

So don’t be afraid to go shopping for these great finds.  There are some great stores to choose from, like ASOS petite, and there are some fancy trends to try out.

What are you waiting for, get out there little one!


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