How Body Image Impacts Fashion and How Barbie Tries to Help

Hey everyone!

So by now, if you’re always on my blog, you probably belong to a niche of being petite.

My whole blog is based around how our specific body shape, although different from an average body, is still something to be proud of and something to manage with the right tools and motivation.

However, as we have seen over the years, fashion is constantly changing, and body image “goals” comes right along with it.

Of course, we can’t change our body shapes like we change clothing styles, but fashion and beauty industries have made a head-to-toe lifestyle you must have in order to be the person everyone envies.

These body image goals used to be dominated by super skinny frames with huge thigh gaps and no fat whatsoever.

For so many years, girls have tried to get this look by literally starving themselves, getting surgeries, and constantly working out.  This has caused depression and anxiety in hopes of one day getting a body that every girls wants, some may call it the “Barbie” look.

Now recently, the industry has changed what body style is “cool” in a hot minute by flooding the media with celebrities and models who have super big butts and super skinny waists.  This is the look now, and the people who once wanted thigh gaps now want thicker legs in order to achieve bigger butts.

It’s a wonderful thing that we’re getting out of this skinny phase, but who says it’s any better to be thicker?  Who says that any body shape is better than any other body shape?

It is not our jobs to change our bodies as the media wants us to, but at the looks of it we are victims of the fashion and beauty industries definition of perfect.

That’s when Barbie comes in.

Barbie came out in 1959 in all of her blonde glory.  She bore a skinny waist, thin as hell legs, and had a foot length of probably 3 cm.

From the moment she was out, she was every girls dream.  Little girls started looking up to Barbie as she was a role model, and so they wanted to look like her too!

*bring in spanx*

Though Barbie was the ideal, beautiful figure everyone set out to be, a study was done more recently indicating if you had Barbie’s figure, you wouldn’t be a normal, walking human being!  You’d actually be on all fours.


But at least you’ll look good right?

Recently, Barbie decided to go against the perfect body image (which is crazy because the perfect body image is what got them to where they are now) in an attempt to raise sales.  There sales were going down because young millennials were started to accept their bodies that much more — Barbie needed to catch up.

Now, Barbie has body styles including tall, PETITE!, and curvy.

The place that used to give women self-esteem issues is now (tryin) to be like “Haha sorry bout all that white, supreme body stuff, but here’s a darker curvy girl!!! Welcome c ya!”

But, I do digress, I love them.  Well, I at least like the one that applies to us (it’s so cute).

And although they weren’t the best influences back in the day, they really are trying now, which counts for something.  It’s like all dolls need to look like ugly cabbage patch kids in order for everything to be ok!! Insanity.  Barbie gets it, she gets me.  What a gem.


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