Do your gowns hang low?

In honor of Bridal Fashion Week, it would only be right to do a bridal fashion blog: petite edition of course!

To help me out, Rachel Leonard, expert in bridal fashion, gave me personal tips on how to look your best even if you can’t see over the alter!

Though getting married is undoubtedly known as being the best day of a bride’s life, the days and months leading up to it are known as being complete nightmares.  Once he or she puts a ring on your finger, it’s all down hill from there.  That’s right — and you thought prom dress shopping was torture.

You haven’t seen tailoring until you’ve worn a 50 pound fabric.

You’re nuts if you think she’s actually happy under all that material.  It’s called “Smile through the pain.”

But not to fear!

Rachel Leonard has the best gowns for our future petite princesses, and I’ve added some of my own GROANS (or “dont’s”, for those of you who didn’t get my pun) for the girls who don’t know what they like, but certainly know what they don’t like.

The Gowns and the Groans

The Gown: Narrow Silhouettes

Leonard says that a narrow silhouette is the best path to go down if you’re a petite little lady.  Narrow styles basically do straight down your body without any funny business going on anywhere else.  It’s a plain silhouette, but definitely one you can customize to make it yours.  This style of dress is great for petite brides because the long, straight-down skirt makes your legs look longer without actually having to show them (you know how much I love being sneaky).  And like I said, there are many different types of the narrow silhouette, so don’t think you’ve fallen under the category of “Oh, these are the leftovers the supermodels didn’t like, you can maybe pull it off”.

The Groan: Too Much Fabric

Too much fabric can be a big issue for petite brides because most of their body is covered.  As a tiny person wearing an over-the-top gown, you definitely don’t want it to swallow you up.  If you are covered in head-to-toe fabric like this Lakum model here, there’s no room to be sneaky, and you’ll have to settle for being a pretty, married, insane asylum patient.  Too bad.

The Gown: Small Fit and Flare

I love this dress.  So deceiving.  Leonard brings up the small fit and flare as a good style of wedding dress because it accentuates your curves and again makes your legs look very long.  And a plus, fit and flare dresses are known to be more sexy, so even if you look 12, you sure won’t be dressing like it!  But for real, it’s even more narrow than the narrow dress I showed above, and the closer to your body, the closer to 6 feet!

The Groan: The Pant-Suit


Photo: Luca Tombolini / / Lakum Spring 2017


Don’t get me wrong, the pant-suit is very modern and classy and badass.  HOWEVER…if you’re short, don’t wear pants.  It’s that simple. Imagine getting your pants tailored and them cutting off a good 8 inches to start…it must be heart breaking.  But in reality, it is just better for us petites to hide our leg length as well as possible, and the traditional wedding dress is the best way to do that.

The Gown: Delicate Details

Because petite people are generally fragile, Leonard says, our details should match.  She’s absolutely right…you wouldn’t want to see this delicate flower of a person walk down the aisle with 20 pounds worth of bling bedazzled all over the 50 pound dress.  This are seriously real measurements people!  A nice lace embroidery is a soft and beautiful touch to a dress that makes it as light and airy as the bride herself.

The Groan: Hard Details


By Jamie Cuccinelli / Alvina Valenta Spring 2017

Bonus Gowns: The Poof and the Peplum

These are two more risky styles for petites, as Leonard said, but with moderation, they can be the perfect gown that give you that moment when you cry in the dressing room that I will never understand.  The first is a poof.  Now, Leonard said to stick to narrow silhouettes when it came to petites, but poofs can work as long as it isn’t big enough to start a fight club.  If the poof is just the right amount, it can look quite beautiful on a petite bride because that little poof will fool people into thinking it’s this grand princess gown – but without all the hassle of walking around in it.
Peplums are a more modern look, and they do poof out much like a ballgown would, but Leonard said that this is a great style that does about the same thing as a fit and flare.  It accentuates the hips so much that it makes the narrow part on your legs even narrower.  Just when you think it can’t get any narrower, it always will get there.  But the peplum is great if you don’t have curves because they will certainly give them to you, and that extra length from the illusion of your new big booty hips!
Now that we have gowns out of the way, I just want to bring up one more thing.
If you still need that extra length, always remember your best friends…


Ta ta for now!



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