Top 5 Tiny Trends of Spring/Summer 2016!

Hello petites!

As you know, there is no snow on the ground.

So that must mean it’s ’bout to be Summer!!!

Worried about what styles are hot and not for our tater tot bodies?

Don’t worry, I have the perfect trends for all your petite Spring and Summer needs.  Just to get the most out of this post, I paired each silhouette with patterns that are in for these seasons. Luckily, some of the trendy patterns also help elongate our bodies!  And you thought there was no hope.

Trend 1: The Straight Leg Trousers

Accompanied by a lovely vertical pattern.


Woah! How’s the weather up there, champ?

Straight leg pants are a crazy trend right now because we’re finally realizing how uncomfortable skinny jeans are!  But besides that, straight leg trousers give a lot of length to your legs because, well, they go straight down.  Stay in school, kids.

Plus: vertical patterns were worn by petite cavewomen to make them look taller.  I just mean they’ve been a longer elongater for a very long time.

Trend 2: The Maxi-dress

Accompanied by…well a nothing pattern.  We’ll call it solid.


I dare you to try and pin the tail on the waist line.  I bet you can’t.  That’s because maxi-dresses are one big piece of fabric that’s made to keep your body type a mystery.  You don’t know where the neck starts and the knees end, it’s a great party trick.

Plus: using a solid color, even white, really elongates the body because you’re not being cut off by anything distracting.  You’re just one big blob, just the way we like it.

Trend 3: The Bodycon Dress

Accompanied by the lovely, vivacious velvet pattern.


Anything that’s mini is great.  I needed to be serious about that one.

But bodycon dresses are perfect for small frames because they pretty much accentuate the only curves we do have.  By accentuating these curves, it makes them more prominent than they would be by themselves.  Plus it’s sexy!

Super plus: velvet is really cool. That’s all you need to know.

Trend 4: The Crop-Top and High Waisted Skirt

This style is brought to you by the cowboy fabric–suede.


“But, I thought you said not to cut yourself off, that’s why we use solid co-”

Let me cut you off for a second.

Technically, the high waisted skirt does cut your torso off, but the pattern of the crop-top match the pattern of the skirt, so it’s an exception.  The cut out in between the two fabrics gives a cute little peek-a-boo effect while bringing attention to the waist (in a good way) and making your legs look longer.

Plus: suede is so hip and Western it’s a crime.  Draw!

Trend 5: Narrow-Fitting Outfits

Accompanied by a color! We can call it monochrome.


Look at how the narrow-fitted shirt makes her body look super lean and elegant.  Through the pants flare out on the legs, they start out narrow, and fit her hips quite perfectly.  You can’t say those red elephant trunk pants don’t make her look long though.  You just can’t.  She’s taller than Shaq probably.

Plus: I LOVE monochrome looks.  That’s not why they’re a plus (I’m not that cocky) BUT having one color throughout your outfit elongates the body just as the solid color maxi-dress did.  Sure, it might be easier to pin the tail on your belly button when it’s a different style of clothing, but just remember what I said about looking like a blob.  It’s really not a bad thing!

So don’t be afraid to go shopping for these great finds.  There are some great stores to choose from, like ASOS petite, and there are some fancy trends to try out.

What are you waiting for, get out there little one!


Photoshoot Commentary

This week I did a fashion shoot that was inspired by Springtime.

I know what you’re thinking: Springtime is all about buying sundresses that are too long (and quite frankly, don’t give our legs any sun at all) and taking them to the tailors only to realize by the time we get them back, spring has left and not enough fabric has come off to make it a reliable summer dress.

Not to fear! You’ll be happy to know my collection features no sundresses (you’re welcome).

Instead, my photoshoot was inspired by the phrase, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.  When I think of Spring, I think of the transition from Winter to Summer — some downs before we get to the ups.  This popular phase expresses so much meaning as well, and it’s that even though some of us might be going through hard times, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

For the sake of the blog, we can compare it to how our body types may not be as tall and lean as supermodels’.  However, that shouldn’t stop us from expressing ourselves through our clothes and doing our best to make them one of a kind!

My first look and gif is the beginning of the phase, “April Showers…”.  My idea was to transition through the months with each picture.  Here, my model wears a raincoat as a dress.  I wanted to express that our sundresses might need to be tailored, but we can still wear unconventional articles of clothing as dresses because we’re short enough to so why not?!

Not gonna lie, I spent a few hours working on those things you see flying in the air (I really hope you thought that was rain).  I also incorporated some flowers in my model’s hair so that every picture had a little shower, and a little flower!

As our showers are turning into drizzles, I think it’s time to break out the bathing suits, am I right??

With the appearance of a little bit of rain of course, just because it looks so cool.  I put my model in a bathing suit top and high-waisted shorts because this look really anticipates the new warm season, and especially anticipates the beach (though it’s not time yet, Jenny, you’re just going to have to wait).

I also really like this look on petites because, and even my model agrees, high-waisted anything looks great on a short body.  The extra fabric on the torso makes your legs look longer simply because there’s more fabric! There must be legs under all that extra fabric right?  That’s what we want you to think.  Pair that with a short crop-top or bathing suit bikini top and you got yourself a great Spring Awakening outfit!

Spring is great and all, but be sure to keep that bathing suit on, because Summer is approaching!


How Body Image Impacts Fashion and How Barbie Tries to Help

Hey everyone!

So by now, if you’re always on my blog, you probably belong to a niche of being petite.

My whole blog is based around how our specific body shape, although different from an average body, is still something to be proud of and something to manage with the right tools and motivation.

However, as we have seen over the years, fashion is constantly changing, and body image “goals” comes right along with it.

Of course, we can’t change our body shapes like we change clothing styles, but fashion and beauty industries have made a head-to-toe lifestyle you must have in order to be the person everyone envies.

These body image goals used to be dominated by super skinny frames with huge thigh gaps and no fat whatsoever.

For so many years, girls have tried to get this look by literally starving themselves, getting surgeries, and constantly working out.  This has caused depression and anxiety in hopes of one day getting a body that every girls wants, some may call it the “Barbie” look.

Now recently, the industry has changed what body style is “cool” in a hot minute by flooding the media with celebrities and models who have super big butts and super skinny waists.  This is the look now, and the people who once wanted thigh gaps now want thicker legs in order to achieve bigger butts.

It’s a wonderful thing that we’re getting out of this skinny phase, but who says it’s any better to be thicker?  Who says that any body shape is better than any other body shape?

It is not our jobs to change our bodies as the media wants us to, but at the looks of it we are victims of the fashion and beauty industries definition of perfect.

That’s when Barbie comes in.

Barbie came out in 1959 in all of her blonde glory.  She bore a skinny waist, thin as hell legs, and had a foot length of probably 3 cm.

From the moment she was out, she was every girls dream.  Little girls started looking up to Barbie as she was a role model, and so they wanted to look like her too!

*bring in spanx*

Though Barbie was the ideal, beautiful figure everyone set out to be, a study was done more recently indicating if you had Barbie’s figure, you wouldn’t be a normal, walking human being!  You’d actually be on all fours.


But at least you’ll look good right?

Recently, Barbie decided to go against the perfect body image (which is crazy because the perfect body image is what got them to where they are now) in an attempt to raise sales.  There sales were going down because young millennials were started to accept their bodies that much more — Barbie needed to catch up.

Now, Barbie has body styles including tall, PETITE!, and curvy.

The place that used to give women self-esteem issues is now (tryin) to be like “Haha sorry bout all that white, supreme body stuff, but here’s a darker curvy girl!!! Welcome c ya!”

But, I do digress, I love them.  Well, I at least like the one that applies to us (it’s so cute).

And although they weren’t the best influences back in the day, they really are trying now, which counts for something.  It’s like all dolls need to look like ugly cabbage patch kids in order for everything to be ok!! Insanity.  Barbie gets it, she gets me.  What a gem.


Do your gowns hang low?

In honor of Bridal Fashion Week, it would only be right to do a bridal fashion blog: petite edition of course!

To help me out, Rachel Leonard, expert in bridal fashion, gave me personal tips on how to look your best even if you can’t see over the alter!

Though getting married is undoubtedly known as being the best day of a bride’s life, the days and months leading up to it are known as being complete nightmares.  Once he or she puts a ring on your finger, it’s all down hill from there.  That’s right — and you thought prom dress shopping was torture.

You haven’t seen tailoring until you’ve worn a 50 pound fabric.

You’re nuts if you think she’s actually happy under all that material.  It’s called “Smile through the pain.”

But not to fear!

Rachel Leonard has the best gowns for our future petite princesses, and I’ve added some of my own GROANS (or “dont’s”, for those of you who didn’t get my pun) for the girls who don’t know what they like, but certainly know what they don’t like.

The Gowns and the Groans

The Gown: Narrow Silhouettes

Leonard says that a narrow silhouette is the best path to go down if you’re a petite little lady.  Narrow styles basically do straight down your body without any funny business going on anywhere else.  It’s a plain silhouette, but definitely one you can customize to make it yours.  This style of dress is great for petite brides because the long, straight-down skirt makes your legs look longer without actually having to show them (you know how much I love being sneaky).  And like I said, there are many different types of the narrow silhouette, so don’t think you’ve fallen under the category of “Oh, these are the leftovers the supermodels didn’t like, you can maybe pull it off”.

The Groan: Too Much Fabric

Too much fabric can be a big issue for petite brides because most of their body is covered.  As a tiny person wearing an over-the-top gown, you definitely don’t want it to swallow you up.  If you are covered in head-to-toe fabric like this Lakum model here, there’s no room to be sneaky, and you’ll have to settle for being a pretty, married, insane asylum patient.  Too bad.

The Gown: Small Fit and Flare

I love this dress.  So deceiving.  Leonard brings up the small fit and flare as a good style of wedding dress because it accentuates your curves and again makes your legs look very long.  And a plus, fit and flare dresses are known to be more sexy, so even if you look 12, you sure won’t be dressing like it!  But for real, it’s even more narrow than the narrow dress I showed above, and the closer to your body, the closer to 6 feet!

The Groan: The Pant-Suit


Photo: Luca Tombolini / / Lakum Spring 2017


Don’t get me wrong, the pant-suit is very modern and classy and badass.  HOWEVER…if you’re short, don’t wear pants.  It’s that simple. Imagine getting your pants tailored and them cutting off a good 8 inches to start…it must be heart breaking.  But in reality, it is just better for us petites to hide our leg length as well as possible, and the traditional wedding dress is the best way to do that.

The Gown: Delicate Details

Because petite people are generally fragile, Leonard says, our details should match.  She’s absolutely right…you wouldn’t want to see this delicate flower of a person walk down the aisle with 20 pounds worth of bling bedazzled all over the 50 pound dress.  This are seriously real measurements people!  A nice lace embroidery is a soft and beautiful touch to a dress that makes it as light and airy as the bride herself.

The Groan: Hard Details


By Jamie Cuccinelli / Alvina Valenta Spring 2017

Bonus Gowns: The Poof and the Peplum

These are two more risky styles for petites, as Leonard said, but with moderation, they can be the perfect gown that give you that moment when you cry in the dressing room that I will never understand.  The first is a poof.  Now, Leonard said to stick to narrow silhouettes when it came to petites, but poofs can work as long as it isn’t big enough to start a fight club.  If the poof is just the right amount, it can look quite beautiful on a petite bride because that little poof will fool people into thinking it’s this grand princess gown – but without all the hassle of walking around in it.
Peplums are a more modern look, and they do poof out much like a ballgown would, but Leonard said that this is a great style that does about the same thing as a fit and flare.  It accentuates the hips so much that it makes the narrow part on your legs even narrower.  Just when you think it can’t get any narrower, it always will get there.  But the peplum is great if you don’t have curves because they will certainly give them to you, and that extra length from the illusion of your new big booty hips!
Now that we have gowns out of the way, I just want to bring up one more thing.
If you still need that extra length, always remember your best friends…


Ta ta for now!



Why Shouldn’t Showers and Flowers Get Along?


April Showers…


         Rain rain go away…

Jenny Garcia wears a deep pink raincoat by Calvin Klein from Macy’s Bridgewater for $99.98 with assorted flowers in hair.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.10.17 AM.png

Summertime Sadness…

Jenny Garcia wears a multicolored one-piece bathing suit by Bar III from Macy’s Bridgewater for $88.00 with assorted flowers in hair.

How cute is this?!  Just goes to show that even a little rain in your hair can’t stop you from thinkin’ about those flowers!

And just when you thought it would never stop raining, HERE COME THOSE…

…May Flowers!

giphy (2).gif

Flower Power…

Jenny Garcia is wearing a bathing suit top by Macy’s from Macy’s Bridgewater for $34.50 and baggy black high-waisted shorts by Bull Head Co. for $45.00.

Special Thanks to:

Sue Squires
My Stylist @ Macy’s
Macy’s Bridgewater
400 Commons Way
Bridgewater Commons
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-2800
(908) 725-1400

Staff of Rutgers University:                                                                                                            Nicholas Music Center at Mason Gross School of the Arts.


Shoes Wisely

An outfit simply cannot come together without the perfect pair of shoes.  And we will do anything to make the last piece of the puzzle fit, whether we have to squeeze into them…

or in our case, search and search and search online until you find it in a smaller size.

Shoes are a very important accessory when it comes to showing off your individuality, and for us petite girls, if we can find the right size, we don’t need super trendy clothes to let people know how stylish we can be.  That’s the great thing about shoes, you’re the same size for most of your life.  Plus it’s much easier to assume that they’ll fit you when you don’t feel like trying them on in the store.


The only thing we have to worry about with shoes is what style makes us our longest and prettiest.  Here are some “shoes”‘s and dont’s for petite girls:

Shoe: Pointed toe heels

You gotta admit, those veins make her look pretty lengthy.

Pointed toe shoes are the latest shoe trend out right now, and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon. (This is great news btw). Finally, a trend that can make everyone happy.

Pointed toe shoes are great for short gals because they make your legs look longer and slimmer, your toes look longer, AND you can basically wear whatever you want with them.  The ‘point’ 😉 of the shoe is to leave your feet as bare as possible.  The more skin the more length!


Don’t: Round Toed Shoes

Just as pointed toe shoes give you a longer toe, round toes unfortunately do the opposite.  They aren’t the worst shoe though, as they still show equally as much bare skin!

Shoe: Hidden Platforms

Hidden platforms are another way to add length without it being too obvious.  That’s why it’s super important to get shoes all the same color, which I’ll discuss next.  The hidden platform is your way of saying, “Yea, I need vertical help, and thank you for pretending not to notice because the extra three inches are clearly invisible.”


Don’t: Clunky Heels

Imagine a slim, toned petite leg. Now imagine it getting crushed by a gigantic monster heel.  That’s basically what wearing them is like.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re super trendy and I like the look, it’s just important to be careful with proportions.


Shoe: Skin-Tone Shoes


Like I said, the more skin the better.  You can totally FOOL those suckers again by wearing shoes that match your skin-tone.  Nothing is more stealthy than making people believe you have a heel growing out of your foot — they’ll be totally blindsided.

Don’t: Flats

Come on! After all this talk about pretty heels you’re still considering flats! Ok, I get that walking around in heels all day is a lot of work, but you gotta push through it man. “BEAUTY IS PAIN”. Disclaimer: I definitely don’t want any feet to be hurt during the making of this blog.

On a more serious note, flats, well, make you look flat.  If you want to look tall and even professional, heels are the best way to go, even if they are baby heels!