“Oh, you’re so tiny!” “You look cute in anything!” “I wish I could say clothes were too big on me.”

Actually, you don’t wish that. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Being 4’11” and a double digit weight, I know a thing or two about what it’s like to never find anything in my size.  I know what it’s like to go the distance to get a super small size and still having to get it tailored. Being petite is a challenge that many people face — and by no means is it a glamorous one.

Of course, picking out XS’s and 00’s is flattering, but that feeling can be taken away by the very unflattering way it can fit you, whether it be pant legs that are too long, or waist lines that are too big.

What if small people aren’t XS’s and 00’s, does that take away from them being petite?

Of course not, but the word “petite” seems to have such a narrow meaning in the fashion industry. It comes off as “smaller supermodel” instead of “smaller human being”.  It’s one thing to be skinny, but it’s another thing to be small.  Fashion designers and retail stores have one body in mind, and that is the skinny and tall supermodel.  Naturally, if you’re not above 5’5″ and above a size 2, you might as well not even put on those clothes without already knowing how silly you’ll look in them.

It is important to know the actual definition of “petite”, and how it could mean more than having a kid figure.  It just means being small and little-framed.  Certainly, many clothing companies must know the meaning, but does that change how they fit certain clothes, even if they are labeled “petite”?

I’ll take a look at the hard knock life of a petite fashionista.